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Computer Knowledge

"Computer Knowledge

Q-1 the first mechanical calculating machine was made by…

Ans- Blaise Pascal

Q-2 Which programming language is much in vogue among users of microcomputers?

Ans- Forth

Q-3 Multiplication of 1112 by 101is?

Ans 1000112

Q-4 which is not a factor when categorizing a computer?

Ans- where it was purchased

Q-5 Conversion of an octal number 208 to its binary number is?

 Ans- 100002

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Q-6 which of the following is a system programming language for micro-computer in the intel family?


Q-7 which of the following can be output by a computer?

Ans- graphics, Voice, text etc

Q-8 Sequential organization is most appropriate for which of the following application?

Ans- payroll

Q-9 who is called the grand father of the computer?

Ans- Charles babbage

Q-10 which input device is able to scan & interpret an entire page that is typed in a special font/

Ans-Page reader

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