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computer knowledge questions

"computer knowledge questions"


Q-11 A half byte is know?

Ans- Nibble

Q-12 which company is the biggest player in the microprocessor industry?

Ans- Intel

Q-13 medium for transferring data between location is called

Ans- Communication channel

Q-14 An adder in which the bits of the operands one after another is?

Ans- Serial Adder

Q-15 Locations in the main memory of the computer are called?

Ans- words

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Q-16 the minimum number of mos transistors required to make a dynamic RAM cell is?

Ans- 1

Q-17 Which of the following is used as input device for the computer?

Ans- Light pen

Q-18- A machine associated with card-based data processing is?

Ans- collator

Q-19 Primary storage is…………as compared to secondary storage?

Ans- Fast and expensive

Q-20 what is the standard code the industry created to represent characters?


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