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Geography Question

"Geography Question"

1.Which river flows between vindhyan and satpura ranges- Narmada


2.What crop is grown in india mainly by dry farming- Millet


3. When will the smith tuttle comet crash with earth- In 2116 Ad


4.What will be the shortest day in Australia- june 21


5.Which state has the largest coastline in india-Gujarat

"Geography Question"

6.In which state is the guru Shankar peak located-rajasthan


7.  By what name is the ganga know in Bangladesh- padma


8.Which is the position of the Indian railway network in the world- fourth


9.Lake sambhar is nearest to which city of rajasthan- jaipur


10.Which states has the largest number of sugar mills- u.p


11.What is the outermost layer of sun called- Corona


12.Which state is least developed in rail routes- Manipur