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Political Questions

"Political Questions"


Q-1 who among the following supports the principle of nature inequality?

Ans- plato


Q-2 the ideal of positive liberty was first conceived by?

Ans- Green


Q-3 The term politics was first employed by?

Ans- Aristotle


Q-4 The founders of totalitarian states were inspired by?

Ans- Ethical notion


"Political Questions"


Q-5 Who said, force made the first slaves and their cowardice perpetuated their slavery?

Ans- Rousseau


Q-6 A foreigner can acquire Indian citizenship through?

Ans- naturalization


Q-7 All right must be compatible with?

Ans- common good


Q-8 Isaiah berllin held the view that?

Ans- absence of coercion is the basic of liberty


Q-9 Marxian ideas on justice can be seen in?

Ans- Critique of godha programe


Q-10 who sponsored the spirit of swaraj?

Ans-  B.G.Tilak, B.C. Pal and Lala Lajpat Raj