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BBC World Questions

Q-1 on the branch of which type of tree did Hanuman hide when he visited the Ashoka Vatika to meet sita?

Get Answer sinsapa/Ashoka

Q-2 Before the opening of the nehru zoological park, where was the hyderabad zoo located?

Get Answer The bagh-e-Aam

Q-3 Which word for an article of storage gets its name from the sanskrit word, 'goni' meaning sack?

Get Answer Gunny {bag}

Q-4 According to the bible, which mountain was the final resting spot of Noah's Ark?

Get Answer Mount Ararat

Q-5-In rudyard kipling's the jungle book stories, what kind of animal was sahi?

Get Answer Porcupine

Q-6-Which archipelago in the pacific ocean is named after the huge land tortoises native to it?

Get Answer Galapagos Islands

Q-7-In sporting terminology, what are mashies, niblicks, drivers and wedges types of?

Get Answer Golf clubs

Q-8-Diving, dabbling, perching, whistling and stifftail are varieties of which aquatic bird?

Get Answer Duck

Q-9-what is the exterior of the forward end of a ship called?

Get Answer Bow

Q-10-which ancient greek city was the site of the famous oracle of Apollo.?

Get Answer Delphi

Q-11- Spectacled, brown, cinnamon and kodiak are all varieties of which land mammal.?

Get Answer Bear

Q-12-Which communicable disease is also called hansen's disease.?

Get Answer Leprosy