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ias question paper

Q- 1 The working principle of a washing machine is ....

A- reverse osmosis

B- centrifugation

C- both

D- none

Get Answer centrifugation

Q- 2 Consider the following kingdoms and their respective capital cities ....

A- harsh-patliputra

B- maurya-konkan

C- chedi-kalchuri

D- B and C

Get Answer B and C

Q- 3 Consider the following regions?

A- tamil nadu

B- odisha

C- andhra pradesh

D- none

Get Answer none

Q- 4 Mahila samakhya is a programme which focuses on ....

A- women empowerment

B- health issues of rural women

C- both

D- none

Get Answer women empowerment

Q- 5 Arrange the size of the following peninsular river basins in ascending order?

A- cauvery basin

B- krishna basin

C- godaveri basin

D- mahanadi basin

Get Answer A-D-B-C

Q- 6 Which of the following enzymes is the first to mix with food in the digestive tract?

A- pepsin

B- ptyalin

C- lipase

D- none

Get Answer ptyalin

Q- 7 With which of the following countries does north korea share its border?

A- South korea

B- u.s

C- china

D- none

Get Answer south korea

Q- 8 Which of the following currencies has recently been proposed to be added to the reserve currency list of the imf?

A- euro

B- cny

C- inr

D- none

Get Answer cny

Q- 9 In which of the following countries, balkhash lake is located?

A- kazakhstan

B- china

C- chili

D- none

Get Answer kazakhstan

Q- 10 Mauryan royal art had...

A- persian art

B- russia art

C- both

D- none

Get Answer persian art