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"latest general knowledge"

Conflicts of interest:- My journey through india's green movement.(Sunita Narain)

Ms. Sunita narain is an indian environmentalist and a political activist. she is the director general of the india based research institute.

An Era of Darkness:- The British empire in india (Sbasbi Tbaroor)

Mr. Hamid Ansari, vice president of india.


"latest general knowledge"

Upgraded jaguar Darin III aircraft receives IOC:-

The upgraded jaguar drain III twin-seat aircraft on november 24, 2016 received the initial operation clearance (IOC), a significant milestone for india's military aviation sector. the completion of IOC for Darin III was announced by the deputy chief of IAF, air marshal R.K.S bhadauria.

in the recent past, he flew the aircraft at hal airport in bengaluru. we cdr v.prabhakaran, the test pilot of aircraft and systems testing establishment, was his co-pilot. the aircraft was created by upgrading three drain i standard jaguars. it is now equipped with world class avionics system.

Indian navy inducts four underwater SONAR systems developed by DRDO:

the indian navy on november 18, 2016 inducted four types of indigenously developed SONAR systems. the sonar systems are capable of boosting the navy's underwater surveillance capabilities.

these four sonar systems are: Abhay Humsa-Ug, Nacs and Aidss. they were handed over to the chief of naval staff admiral minister Mr. manohar parrikar. the systems have been designed and developed by naval physical and oceanographic laboratory (NPOL) a kochi-based laboratory of defence research and development organisation (DRDO).

Ecology And Environment

"latest general knowledge"

Australia's great barrier reef suffers worst coral die-off on record:-

the australian scientist on november 29, 2016 announced that the great barrier reef suffered from its worst coral die-off ever recorded. the scientists stated that warm seas around the great barrier reef have killed two-thirds of a 700 km stretch of coral in the past nine months.

the northern region of the reef had escaped with minor damage in earlier bleaching events in 1998 and 2002. the reef suffered its most severe bleaching in recorded history, due to warming sea temperatures during march and april 2016.

Ist international agro-biodiversity congress concludes with adoption of delhi declaration:-

the Ist international Agro-biodiversity congress was held in new delhi from nov 6 to 9, 2016. it concluded with adoption of the delhi.declaration on agro-biodiversity management.

the event saw participation of 900 participants from 60 countries. during the congress, the delegates of all countries discussed various aspect of access, conservation and use of the agro-biodiversity. based on these deliberations, the delegates unanimously adopted the delhi declaration at the concluding session.

participating nations stressed according top priority to the agro-biodiversity conservation and their sustainable use towards achieving targets of SDGsrelating to poverty alleviation, food and nutritional security, good health, gender equity and partnership.

Brown carbon can warm atmosphere study at IIT-K

A team of researchers from the indian institue of technology (IIT) kanpur in their study highlighted that carbonaceous aerosols such as black carbon (BC) and certain organic carbon species called brown carbon have the potential to warm the atmosphere by absorbing light. the study on brown carbon, whose rolewas lesser-known, is based on their experiment in kanpur, u.p.

in order to better characterise brown carbon, the team presented experimental and modelled absorption properties of submicron aerosoles measured in kanpur.