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Q 1- The term of a state chief information commissioner is...

Get Answer 5 yr or up to 65 yr

Q- 2-Which article of the indian constitution makes provisions for the tenure of a panchayat?

Get Answer Article-243

Q- 3- Which cm of uttarakhand reserved 50% seats in panchayats for women?

Get Answer BC khanduri

Q- 4- Which of the following states had the highest per capita income during 2014-15?

Get Answer Uttarakhand

Q- 5- The maximum no of ministers, including the cm, can be appointed in the uttarakhand council of ministers is?

Get Answer 12

Q- 6- Which of the following countries shares the longest international boundary with india?

Get Answer Bangladesh

Q- 7- Nokrek biosphere reserve is located in ?

Get Answer Meghalaya

Q- 8- Shola forest is associated to?

Get Answer South peninsular hills

Q- 9-Which state in india is the largest producer of copper?

Get Answer Madhya pradesh

Q- 10- Dolvi steel plant is located in?

Get Answer Maharastha

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