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Q-1 Which is an independent regional navigation satellite system being developed by india.

A- Irnss

B- Insat

C- Pslv

D- None

Get Answer Irnss

Q-2 When was isro formed?

A- 1985

B- 1972

C- 1969

D- None

Get Answer 1969

Q-3 The mars orbiter mission informally called is india's first?

A- irnss

B- gslv-d6

C- mangalyan

D- None

Get Answer mangalyan

Q-4 Which represents isro's first attempt to design and develop an operational vehicle that can be used to orbit application satellites?

A- slv

B- gslv

C- pslv

D- None

Get Answer pslv

Q-5 India's first mission to moon was launched successfully on oct 22, 2008 from sdsc shar sriharikota?

A- chandrayaan-1

B- insat

C- gagan

D- None

Get Answer chandrayaan-1

Q-6 what is the name of first experimental remote sensing satellite which carried tv and microwave cameras?

A- rohini-I

B- Bhaskara-I

C- gsat

D- None

Get Answer Bhaskara-I

Q-7 Which was india's first satellite launched from kapustin yar using a kosmos-3m launch vehicle?

A- apple

B- Aryabhatta

C- Ariane

D- None

Get Answer Aryabhatta

Q-8 Which is india's first dedicated multi-wavelength space observatory?

A- Astrosat

B- geosat

C- slv

D- None

Get Answer Astrosat

Q-9 which is the first indian geostationary satellite was launched on 19, 1981?

A- Apple

B- rohini

C- bhaskara

D- None

Get Answer apple

Q-10 Gagan stands for....

A- general aided geo augmented narrow

B- gps aided geo

C- geo aided gps augmented navigation

D- None

Get Answer general aided geo augmented narrow

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