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Q-1 Who was the first indian to beelected to the british parliment?

A- Dadabhai naoroji

B- Gopal krishna gokhale

C- Bipin chandra pal

D- none

Get Answer Dadabhai naoroji

Q-2 Who introduced the permanent settlement in bengal?

A- Lord cornwallis

B- Lord dalhouseie

C- Lord curzon

D- none

Get Answer Lord cornwallis

Q-3 The swadeshi movement was launched?

A- as a protest against division of bengal.

B- with a view to improve the economic condition of the peoply by encouraging consumption of indian goods

C- as a protest against the massacre of indian people at jalliawala bagh

D- none

Get Answer as a protest against division of bengal.

Q-4 In which part of the constitution is welfare state has been well defined?

A- preamble

B- Directive principles

C- Schedule

D- none

Get Answer Directive principles

Q-5 How many members of the Rajya sabha retire every after two years?

A- one-fourth

B- one-third

C- one-fifth

D- none

Get Answer one-third

Q-6 Article........of the constitution deals with the procedure for amendment of the indian constitution?

A- 368

B- 363

C- 360

D- none

Get Answer 368

Q-7 Mangrove forests are found in ?

A- Gujarat

B- Sunderban delta

C- Wester Ghats

D- none

Get Answer Sunderban delta

Q-8 Rows of trees grown along the coastal areas to reduce the impact of cyclones are known as?

A- wild breaks

B- Mangroves

C- Shelter belts

D- none

Get Answer Mangroves

Q-9 Which racial group does the tribals of Andaman islands resemble?

A- Negrito

B- Alpinoid

C- Mongoloid

D- none

Get Answer Negrito

Q-10 Atmospheric pressure exerted on earth is due to ?

A- gravitational pull

B- rotation of earth

C- revolution of earth

D- none

Get Answer gravitational pull

Q-11 Khasi and garo tribes mainly live in ?

A- Meghalaya

B- Nagaland

C- Manipur

D- none

Get Answer Meghalaya

Q-12 What does the letter 'e' denotes in the term 'e-banking' ?

A- electronic

B- economic

C- expansion

D- none

Get Answer electronic

Q-13 Which of the following is the regulator of the credit rating agencies in india?




D- none

Get Answer SEBI

Q-14 Pencillin is extracted from ?

A- fungus

B- yeast

C- algae

D- none

Get Answer fungus

Q-15 Which is the effect of antigen in an ill person ?

A- it prevents the growth of bacteria

B- it increases the production of WBC

C- it increases the production of antibiotice.

D- none

Get Answer it prevents the growth of bacteria

Q-16 Which among the following helps in circulation of blood ?

A- Arithrocytus

B- Monocytes

C- blood platelets

D- none

Get Answer blood platelets

Q-17 Which among the following elements increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants?

A- boron

B- copper

C- manganese

D- none

Get Answer boron

Q-18 Pituitary gland is located in ?

A- brain

B- kidney

C- liver

D- none

Get Answer brain

Q-19 Instrument used to measure the force and velocity of the wind is ?

A- ammeter

B- anemometer

C- altimeter

D- none

Get Answer anemometer

Q-20 Which of the following statements is true when we see rainbow ?

A- we face sun and raindrops.

B- in light rainfall, we face sun

C- the sun remains behind us and we face raindrops.

D- none

Get Answer the sun remains behind us and we face raindrops.

Q-21 Our bones and teeth are generally made of ?

A- tricalcium phosphate

B- fluoropetite

C- hydrolith

D- none

Get Answer tricalcium phosphate

Q-22 How much calorie of energy is released by a boiled egg ?

A- 77

B- 88

C- 50

D- 40

Get Answer 77

Q-23 Onion is a modified from of ?

A- leaf

B- stem

C- root

D- none

Get Answer stem

Q-24 The section of the cpu that selects, interprets and monitors the execution of program instructions is....?

A- Control unit

B- alu

C- memory

D- none

Get Answer Control unit

Q-25 Which among the following is not a bretton woods institution ?



C- worl bank

D- none

Get Answer OECD

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